Saturday, February 13, 2010

The spirit of Julie & Julia Day #4

I forgot to mention my tendency to be a flake.  I had enough food left over from day one to skip to day 4.  Today I created my own lunch with the contents of my refrigerator before I go shopping again.

I used the remainder of the collard green leafs, turkey bacon, grain meat and Braggs Liquid Amino's to make  wraps without bread.  With two table spoons of  EVOO I browned some turkey bacon, and apple-wood grain meat.  I took Alphalfa sprouts and put them into a washed collard leaf with the liquid amino's and rolled the turkey bacon and grain meat inside.  This was enough meat to make two rolls.  I ate one and took a picture of one.  If you want a filling alternative to a sandwich try putting you favorite raw or cooked vegetables or lunch meats into a raw turnip or collard leaf.  Those are the largest leaves that can hold the contents without tearing. They do leak liquid flavoring unless you tuck in the ends.  Whole wheat bread is great but it's still bread.  Making wraps with leaves are different looking [colorful], and just as compact for travel to work and school.

Here are the untouched blackberry photos:

Peace out until the next time...
AYP1501039 - Fingers in a peace sign

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