Monday, February 15, 2010

In the spirit of Julie and Julia Day #6

So I was not in the mood to cook yesterday so I made two dishes today from the fabulous Mathea from Peas love Carrots and Rajani from eatwritethink.

The cream corn on the cob came out fantastic; I had three pieces.  Rather thank thyme which I didn't have I used Jamaican jerk seasoning which made the cream sauce come out beige rather than white. However the flavors were just as delicious. I ladled the sauce over the cobs.  I did not cook potatoes with the green beans because I had bread with my lunch so I just cooked the green beans with almonds and garlic which was very tasty thanks to the ponzu sauce.   Here are my blackberry photos:

Here are the photos from their respective sites:

I know I cheated since I skipped a few days but I'm having fun discovering new fantastic items to cook for variety.  So far so good!!

AYP1501039 - Fingers in a peace sign
Peace out until the next time!

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  1. hi dale! so flattering - i am sure cynthia will be thrilled at how far (and wide) her corn recipe is travelling. i am i india right now, for a month, and i'll do my best to make the sikh halwa dish and post asap. take care :)


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