Saturday, January 9, 2010

We are all from one source

My mother was here during the holiday and is always adventurous and open to try new things.  She visited the Sikh temple with me on Christmas Eve and enjoyed the meditation, fellowship and meal afterward.  I've been talking to her about my experiences there so she was down to experience it herself.

We sat in the back of the room leaning on the wall with legs crossed in the fetal position for an hour.  My mom is in her 70's so I was concerned at first but after looking at her face with the 'all is well' expression I knew she'd go back East with a story to tell.  Kudos to you mom for sitting on the floor in the fetal position for an hour without understanding one word of the service-as it was conducted in the ancient Sanskrit language.  We were both shocked at how one of the gurus was the spitting image of my recently deceased cousin Tony.   The resemblance was amazing.  If he spoke English we would have bored the man to tears about how he could possibly be in our bloodline.

I enjoy meditation and I like to meditate alone.  But there was something special about having my mom with me this time.  Knowing her Christian sensibilities and watching her experience another way of worship [without judgement or any type of negative commentary] made me have a stronger respect for her.  Mom is not a negative or gossipy person at all, it's just that when people experience new things the tendency to dissect the experience is prominent.  But not my lady.  She, in fact, is looking to experience new things each time she comes into town.

AYP1501039 - Fingers in a peace sign

Happy New year and peace out until the next time!

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